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Fortnite: Battle Royale is very similar to PUBG, but what makes it different is also its advantage – the building system, which ensures, unlike in PUBG, elimination of camping in the game. Here you will find information about defense, building system and tips for building in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Any object on the map can be destroyed in any way and, by doing that, you will obtain building materials.. The first aspect of building is destroying. Therefore, each player receives a tool for collection of necessary materials – a pickaxe.

How to obtain materials?

Blue rings mark spots that you hit for faster destroying of objects. - Building system and building | How to win? - How to play and win? - Fortnite: Battle Royale Game Guide

Blue rings mark spots that you hit for faster destroying of objects.

While using pickaxe, you have to remember about two things. When you are destroying a certain object, you make noise. This way, enemies around can pick up your position and easily sneak up on you. Therefore, you have to be as fast a s possible. The quickest method of destroying is hitting blue rings that are displayed after you hit the given object. The more resistant the object, the more hits you require to destroy it. Hitting blue rings twice speeds the process up. There are three types of building materials:

  1. Wood – the most common material and the least resistant. You should use wood for exploration, building stairs and bridges, thanks to which you can access secret locations on the map. Under no circumstances, should you use wood for fortifications and, if the situation forces you to, build double walls. The best way to obtain wood is from thick and tall trees (e.g. in Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge or Moisty Mire).
  2. Brick/clay/stone– a material not as common as wood, but much more durable. Brick is good for building fortifications, but it is not as effective against explosions as metal, which is why it should serve as your emergency material. Buildings built of bricks cannot withstand a single RPG blow, which may be problematic later into the game. You receive this material by destroying brick walls (e.g. prison walls and other walls), chimneys and, most importantly, stones in the open.
  3. Metal – this material ensures maximum protection against damage. Buildings of metal can withstand a single RPG blow, which makes it the best building material for fortifications later into the game. It is best to obtain metal from vehicles (trucks and trailers provide the larges mounts of metal), which you will be encountering in cities and villages. The best locations to find these are Greasy Grove and Pleasant Park.

Also, there are two sources for materials. First, you can find them during exploration (crate s, rooms, etc). Another source is corpses of the other players. How much materials you need depends on your playing style and your luck. After you make it into the late stage of the game, you will require 300-400 units of metal to be able to rebuild your fortifications, if they are damaged. If you build a fortress the storm circle centers in a different area, you will have to build the fortress over again, in the location determined by the game.

Using of the building system during exploration

Build stairs to get to the attic. - Building system and building | How to win? - How to play and win? - Fortnite: Battle Royale Game Guide

Build stairs to get to the attic.

Optimal way of using the building system will get you to the locations that are inaccessible in any other way. If, after you enter a house, you hear the sound of treasure, there is high probability that it is located in the attic. Just remember not to destroy the floor that the crate is on (use sound to locate it), or the crate will be destroyed with the floor.

You can build stairs up to get to the hills that would otherwise be inaccessible. This will ensure you with a vantage point and you will have the advantage of height over players on the ground.

Also, you can build bridges between tops of elevations. Just remember that you expose yourself while crossing such a bridge. Someone can destroy the block joining elevation and the bridge, which destroys the entire structure and you fall down.

While exploring, you stand a high chance of running into another player. Building walls to hide behind is a standard tactic, used by the majority of players. You can use this to your advantage. Instead of walls, you can build several flights of stairs to get to a position above the opponent. This way, your shot will be much more effective.

If, in the late game, the storm circle narrows down to a forest area, you can build stairs to the top of trees, which is a perfect spot to hide.

How to build fortifications?

1x2 fortresses are the most optimal choice. - Building system and building | How to win? - How to play and win? - Fortnite: Battle Royale Game Guide

1×2 fortresses are the most optimal choice.

At any stage of the game, you should own enough materials to be able to defend, in case of attack (preferably metal). If you encounter an opponent while exploring, or you get yourself under fire from behind, you have to be prepared (there is nothing worse than a situation, in which there is nowhere to hide, while you are under fire). To build a wall, select wall from the building menu and select metal. This way, as soon as you hear a shot fired, you will be able to erect a wall of metal that will shield you from fire and buy you time to prepare to respond.

At the late stage, armed with sniper rifle, you will be able to build a fortress. There is no point in building advanced fortifications, because there is a high possibility that you will have to leave them by the next circle. Instead, try to build one of the two optimal structures:

  1. 1×1 – A 1×1 consists of walls forming a rectangle, with stairs inside. This is the less optimal structure, of the two, because it enables you to watch over only one zone (the one that the stairs are facing. and you should use it only as a temporary solution. It protects you in the same way as the other does. Depending on your location, you can also build higher levels in the very same way. If the enemy is armed with a grenade launcher, also build a roof.
  2. 1×2 – A 1×2 building comes in the rectangular shape, with stairs inside. This one is the more reliable structure. It has the same properties as 1×1, and it additionally provides you with the option to keep an eye on the entire surrounding area. Depending on your location, you can also build higher levels in the very same way. Just remember that it takes more materials to build 1×2 than 1×1. If the enemy has a grenade launcher also build roof.

Interesting fact: At the moment of shooting, you can press the appropriate button to replenish the structure’s health bar, in exchange for some materials. You do not have to wait for the enemy to destroy your structure to repair it.

Interesting fact: If the opponent has a grenade launcher, try to build roof over your head. This way, you will protect yourself from lobbing grenades. After you do that, you will be able to edit the walls that you have previously built and make a shooting hole to fire at the approaching enemy.

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