Middle stage of the match in Fortnite: Battle Royale

After you have initially collected items, you will learn that a storm is coming. After you look on the map, you will notice a circle, where you have to get within specific time. If you fail to do that, you will be caught by the storm and you will start taking damage. At the beginning of the storm, damage is negligible (1HP per second), but you will be taking more damage with time. Damage from storm may get so high with time that you may not even be able to reach the circle, even if you are using Meds. Keep in mind that you do not sprint fast enough to outrun the narrowing-down circle. Assess how much time you have left for exploration, before the storm catches up with you.

Storm circles narrow odown area for exploration. - Middle stage of the match in Fortnite: Battle Royale - The match - Fortnite: Battle Royale Game Guide

Storm circles narrow odown area for exploration.

While moving towards the circle try not to run in straight lines. You never know if there is an enemy behind the nearest elevation, or even behind your back. Another thing is exploration additional areas.

If you are crossing the city, you can be sure that it has already been looted by other players. If you want to make sure, you can take a look at doors and roofs. If they are destroyed or open, there is little chance to find something of interest. However, there are situations, in which players simply ignore certain areas. For example, chances to find ammo in a previously-looted house are high, because few check areas under stairs (and this is where you usually find ammo crate s).

Another issue are traps. If, during late exploration, you notice a closed house that you could loot, be careful. There may be another player inside, or a trap. Traps can be found in any area and they are divided into several types – ground traps, wall traps and ceiling traps. In the case of wall and ceiling traps, these are electric ones. If you pass by such a trap, you can be electrocuted and killed. You can walk around them, because you will hear characteristic sounds after you approach them. In such situations, under no circumstances should you enter such a house. When it comes to ground traps you spot then on the ground behind the door, right after you open it. If you step onto such a trap, you die.

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