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Shotgun grants advantage in close combat. - Shotguns | Weapons and items - Weapons and items - Fortnite: Battle Royale Game Guide

Shotgun grants advantage in close combat.

Shotguns are an essential element of inventory of any player who lands in urbanized areas. Inarguably, this is the best weapon for eliminating opponents over very short distances (houses, rooms, etc.), but it is not as effective over short and medium distance. It is perfect for attacking enemy fortifications. A single shot to the head is enough to kill the opponent and its rate of fire makes for decent firepower. In the game, there are two types of shotguns – Tactical Shotgun and Pump Shotgun. Rate of fire is higher in the former, but the latter makes up for that with damage dealt. Just like in the case of the rest of weapons, shotguns have been divided into classes:

  1. Tactical Shotgun – Has high rate of fire and has been divided into several classes – green, blue and purple. it is perfect for assaults on fortifications and defending in rooms.
  2. Pump Shotgun – Does not have as high firerate as tactical shotgun does, but it makes up for that in damage dealt. A single shot to the head kills the opponent in full health, which makes it especially lethal. Of course, just like in the case of tactical shotguns, it is effective only on short distances. It has been divided into two classes – white and green.

They use Shotgun Shells and they should make a part of any player’s gear, who is exploring the map. It is exceptionally effective over short distance and it does not need precision, unlike other weapons.

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