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Map and landing in Fortnite: Battle Royale Guide

Landing map for Fortnite: Battle Royale will help you to land safe.


Below you will find map with the best landing spots in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The map in Fortnite: Battle Royale is sprawling and has several tens of locations where you can obtain various items. However, there are locations that stand out with the number of crate s that you can find in them. Some of those locations are readily accessible, whereas others are hidden. Fromm this chapter, you will learn where to find them. In ones marked on the map and provided with names (such as Greasy Grove or Pleasant Park), you can find the most crate’s, but they are usually occupied by many opponents. Enumerated locations are not as popular and in the majority of cases, they will be only yours to get.

Best landing locations in Fortnite: Battle Royale

1 – Watchtower to the North of Wailing Woods

A perfect starting location. There, you will find several weapons on the ground and up to three crate s. One of them is located on the top, the second one the first floor, whereas the third one is in the garage attic. Additionally, after you have found them all, you can go west, where there is more loot.

2 Ice cream truck on a hill. There, you will find up to two crates, one next to another.

3/4/5/6 – In locations 3/5/6 there are two houses, where you find up to three crates. Two of them can be in the house with basement (one in the attic and the other in the basement), and the third one is in the neighboring house. Additionally, 4 is a huge tree, where there are two crates and an ammo box.

7 – In the tunnel, there are up to two crates. This location is behind a wall. After you have looted the area, you can go to Tomato Town and fight the others, with advantage of firepower.

8 – Camping site. In the barn, there are up to three crates. Additionally, you can collect as much metal here as you can carry.

9/10 – Moisty Mire is rarely visited due to one downside – you move slower in water. Of course, you can seize the opportunity and obtain the best gear, by looting as many as six crates and lots of loot in trees. Additionally, you can obtain a plethora of wood from the trees.

11 – Secret location. rarely anybody comes here and this is inarguably the best starting position in the game (with the exception of the North-Eastern part of the map). Here, you will find a tower of stacked cars, by which you find up to five crates.

12 – A bridge with two crates and lots of metal.

13Here you can find a complex of buildings that aren’t marked on the map. Inside of them you can find a few hidden chests.

14Two houses. They are similar to the houses in the north-east part of the map. Inside of them you can find up to three chests. From here you can go to Snobby Shores and get more loot.

15Snobby Shores is located on outskirts which means that only a small number of players will land here. Each house has several chests and a lot of clay. Remember to check the bunkers (basements) whenever you are there.

16 Two small houses. They are the same as the buildings found in points 3 and 14. From place you can head to Haunted Hills.

17Destroyed houses. A great starting place because there you can find up to 4 chests. You can then head to Haunted Hills with a full equipment.

18Two houses. You can find up to 3 chests.

19Here you can find houses and cars. There are a few chests with gear. Metal from the cars can give you protection.

20One of the best starting places. There is a closed pool, tons of gear, chests and metal. From here you can head to Titled Towers where you can face other players.

21Two buildings with chimneys. Not many players come here but you can find up to 8 chests. A great starting location. From here you can head to Retail Row.

22A stone pole. Here you can find 3 chests. Collect all loot and go to Salty Springs.

23A place with containers. You can find up to 10 chests and tons of metal. This place isn’t recommended for novice players because of its unusual structure.

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