Tips for start

Collect everything

Collect everything you lay your hands on, and when you find a better weapon, swap it at the right moment.

Avoid storm

Avoid storm at all costs (stay outside of the circle on the map). At first, damage you take will be low, but it will be getting higher, with time.


Battle Royale is not Battlefield or Call of Duty. Your mission is to survive, rather than to kill as many opponents as possible. Therefore, try to avoid other players when you find yourself at a disadvantage.

Collect materials

During exploration, it is important to collect materials. Materials (wood, clay, metal) will come in handy while building stairs and fortifications that will give you the edge over the rest of the players.

Bandages and first-aid kits are essential!

Bandages and first-aid kits are indispensable in the game and a way to survive several encounters with other players. Try to carry with you a supply of these and you will be prepared for any situation.

Inventory is limited

You do not need more than several types of weapons, due to the limited inventory space for weapons. At a time, you can have five items on you, so find space for weaponry and Meds. Usually, three weapons will do – Sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotgun/grenade launcher/RPG.

Think about landing

Before you jump out of the BattleBus, establish your landing spot and jump out at the right moment (when the vehicle is the closest to your spot). This is because the vehicle is much faster than your character. The exception is a situation when the vehicle is to fly directly above the location that you want to land in. In such a situation, jump out earlier and you will get there before the rest of the players, who jump out directly above the place.

Learn about gliding

There are upsides and downsides to gliding prematurely (on parachute, glider, Umbrella). The upside is that you can reach farther away locations of the map, and the downside is that you will land as one of the last. This tactic is used when you want to reach the farthest corners of the map.

Run with a pickaxe

While collecting items from crates and corpses, select pickaxe as your weapon. With a pickaxe in your hand and full inventory, you will not have to swap your current weapon with the one on the ground. This tactic is useful when you have to collect the items from the ground.

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