Traps, launch pads and bush | Weapons and items

New items added in Fortnite Battle Royale can help you win. Check out our guide for traps, launch pads and bushes in Fortnite!

  • Trap – They are items that don’t take any space in your inventory. Traps can be placed in strategic spots (on a floor, walls and ceilings). Everyone who isn’t your ally will receive damage when they walk past it.
  • Launch Pad – This item doesn’t take any space in your inventory. Can be placed on an even surface. Jump on it to get launched up in the air. A perfect item for situations where you want to reach a certain area fast. This item is very useful – it can be used when you want to escape or storm an enemy fortress.
  • Bush – This item takes space in your inventory and is very rare (legendary). Your character can hide in a mobile bush. Thanks to this item you can ambush other players. Remember that you aren’t invisible while using it. A part of your head is still visible.
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