These Isle Of Man TT: Ride On The Edge tips will help you win

How to master throttle, steering and overtaking on the world-famous racecourse.

Isle of Man TT: Ride On The Edge perfectly reproduces the track of the iconic bike race, and with a choice of 38 bikes and sidecars to race along the village and mountain roads at speeds of up to 320km/h, fans of the famous race have got plenty to get to grips with. Here, then, are a few tips that will help you get your hands on the famous Tourist Trophy.

Ride on the world's longest racetrack
Ride on the world’s longest racetrack

Use Assists

If you are new to bike racing games, using the assists are a great way of getting to grips with the handling and the sheer speed. The dynamic racing line is a great asset to use when it comes to judging the braking distance into a corner and taking the fastest line around the course. The anti-wheelie and stoppie tool is also helpful. Having the ability to stop the bike from lifting the front wheel off the ground when accelerating is great when it comes to hitting the power on the exit of a slow corner.

Master the throttle

There is a definite art when it comes to using the throttle. When decelerating from a high speed, the brakes feel relatively weak in comparison to gently easing off the power when entering a corner. Balancing the throttle is crucial when maintaining a high speed through some of the sections of the track. It’s much easier to keep control of the bike by letting go of the power for a split-second while you navigate a tricky left-hander, rather than hitting the brakes and having a huge accident.

Steady steering

Steering is another tricky feature to master but once you get the hang of it, the bike becomes much more controllable. Too much steering input will unsettle the bike and you will have a crash. Little input enables you to keep much more control over the bike, especially in some of the slow-speed corners. It will also improve stability in the faster sections of the track, too.

Overtake on the straights

The straights are the place to overtake
The straights are the place to overtake

Having tried to dive down the inside of another bike by being late on the brakes, I often find myself in the barriers. It is much easier to sit in the slipstream of the bike in front and make your move on one of the straighter sections of the track, avoiding the risk of totalling it.

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